Saturday, February 4, 2012

When "Enough" Really Is Enough

Why is it that while Americans are some of the richest people on Earth, we still feel as if we don't have enough? It's ridiculous, if you stop to think about it. A tight "Dining Out" budget should be something to be grateful for, really. We are so lucky to have the variety of restaurants around us and the extra money to indulge in a meal away from home.

Did you know our 13-year old Saturn has manual windows? But it is paid off, and has been for a while. We are so lucky to even have a second car! Yet, other new and flashy cars are so appealing. Why is this?

I think, for me to be successful in our new budget plan, I need to re-think what "enough" really means to me. Because I think I have it, and always have. What a pleasant thought.

Here is a lovely list of ways to grow more appreciative of what we already have. Pop over here to Andrea's blog to read her list.


  1. That's such human nature, isn't it? Wanting more than we have... thanks for the reminder that enough is enough!

  2. Hi Mel! I think it may be human nature, but I wonder if it can be changed? I hope so!